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Join us in Brighton for the 3rd edition of the Chamego Forró Festival 

3 Nights of parties with live bands, 2 days of forró workshops and a final daytime party as the festival comes to a climax on this bank holiday weekend. 

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Welcome to Brighton, a city unlike any other!


Dancing forró twice a week, our lovely forró community of dancers is continually growing and we feel it's time to spread our wings and share our passion and great vibes with the rest of Europe, if not globally.

Nestled on the coast and surrounded by beautiful hills, Brighton is a great city to explore and has become one the UK's most sought after hot spots, the country's gay capital, an alternative and independent shopping haven and a hive of late night and funky activity all taking place next to the famous pebbled Brighton beach. 



We are very excited about welcoming you to our city and

dancing forró with you all!

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The programme

We are still putting the programme together​. Check back here soon to find out which bands and teachers will our leading lights in 2020!

Once again we will ensuring our parties go the distance!

3 evening parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will have live music, space to dance and fantastic Chamego vibes. Plus for the first time, we will have a Sunday all day party just in case you still have more energy to give...

The parties...

The teachers, musicians, bands and Djs

Check out our wonderful team of talented teachers, musicians, bands and DJs carefully selected to maxify your forró delight! 


Where to stay

Brighton is a city full of places to stay with lots of hostels, hotels as well as Airbnb accommodation options.


We suggest you book somewhere as soon as you have your ticket as prices tend to go up nearer to the festival! 


Contact us

Please get in touch for any further information on the festival or if you'd like to get involved. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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