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Beginners classes

When you're starting to learn something new, we understand it can be fairly daunting. Our beginners classes are very ​welcoming, ensuring you can pick up the basic rhythms and steps before having to dance with anyone at all. 

We have beginners classes both in London and Brighton at 7pm. We also have a beginners night in London every Thursday! Just follow the links for venue details and come and join us there!

Here's a few FAQs that may help you decide..

Do I need a partner?
No! All our classes are designed for you to join alone (or with a partner) as we keep everyone moving and dancing with everyone else in the class.

Do I need rhythm?
Rhythm is something we can train, so it's not about having to start with any skills at all. Some people find it easy to hear the rhythm in music, and others take longer..but everyone gets there eventually. We have faith you will too!

Do I need to commit?
Most of our classes are drop in classes, and even our class cards can be used over any period of time, so there's no need to commit. 

What shoes do I wear?
Ideally, shoes should be flat and comfortable. In most venues it's also fine to be bare feet like Forró often is in Brazil.
For ladies it's important to wear shoes that slip more easily on the floor, either plastic or leather soles are great. Rubber is a little too sticky.

Come and join our next event in London!

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