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Dancing forró in Brazil!

Travelling to Brazil!

As every forró addict will surely discover, the call to dance forró in the distant land where it all begun, will at some point become quite overwhelming, and before you know it, you've booked an open return to São Paulo..

So - if you're at this stage, then we are happy to help! We have years of experience travelling to Brazil and dancing in many of the well known and lesser known places. Just ask if you want to know anything more.. And we even have somewhere for you to stay in Caraiva, Bahia!

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Your route

There are of course many options and endless places to visit in Brazil, though one route we feel covers many of the forró focused highlights and can be travelled in around 2-3 weeks is shown here and includes the tiny village of Caraiva, in the South of Bahia, where you can stay in our "Casa do Forró Family"!

It's important to travel to many of the smaller places at the right time of year as they erupt with forró activity 24 hours a day over the holiday period, but can be quite quiet in between.

Our Forró Family house!

Over 10 years ago, we went a little crazy and bought this house, only it was just one floor and almost falling apart.

We spent years reforming it and building a new roof and for the last few years it has welcomed many a forrózeiro from all corners of Europe and Brazil as it's a wonderful place to dance forró in the most picturesque forró village in Brazil!


This charming apartment in the old Caraiva is perfect for families and friends wanting to enjoy the best parts of the village. The 1st floor apartment has a twin room with two single beds, a double room with a double bed and a large living/kitchen and dinning area with a wonderful open view.


There is a sofa bed in the living area allowing up to six people to sleep comfortably. The house is just 5 mins walk from both the beach and the river making it ideal for exploring all of Caraiva with the bars, shops, restaurants and clubs.


This is the perfect apartment to relax and enjoy the view with a caipirinha in your hand. If there are more than 6 of you, you might consider booking the apartment below which can accommodate 4 more.


The Neighbourhood Caraiva must be one of the highlights of Brazil. If you are looking to get away from the sounds of cars and traffic, you can leave it all behind once you cross the river Caraiva and start to explore the sandy village.


With wonderful restaurants, bars and lots of forró, this is a magical place.


You can drive or get the bus from Trancoso to the river where you need to take a small boat and walk 7 mins to our house. More info and booking

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