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Our Forró Family teaching team

Our Forró teachers are passionate about Forró and sharing their skills and expertise. 
Ever since we started, our mission has been to spread our love of forró, the music, the dance and the passion.
We encourage the ever growing influences of dance styles and welcome all to share it with us.

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Founder and teacher

Andy was inspired by forró after watching two dancers dressed in white gracefully and passionately glide around a dance floor in Illa Grande, Brazil. Andy then started learning to dance on Monday nights in Bar Madrid off Oxford street 17 years ago. There were no classes at the time and not many chances to dance.
After 2 years, Andy started his own forró night in Islington called Forró Play which ran for a year before teaming up with his sister Julia to start Forró Family.
He has been teaching forro for over 15 years including workshops in Florence, Naples and various festivals throughout the UK.  

Andy is available for private forró classes. Email for more info. 


Founder and teacher

Julia first discovered Forró in 2001 whilst studying Capoeira in London. She was moved so much by the joy of dancing that she searched all over Brazil for more and eventually set up a Forró night in Manchester where she was living.
She has been training and sharing her skills ever since, founding Forró Family with her brother, Andy, back in 2002.
Julia has tought at numerous events and festivals in the UK, including Cambridge University, Colourfest, Buddhafields Rumpus, The Last Tuesday Society and Beatherder.
Julia runs regular weekly classes and courses in London and Brighton.

Julia is available for private forró classes. Email for more information. 



Jonathan has been dancing Forró in London for over 8 years and has become one of Londons leading dancers. He particularly likes the 'roots' style of forró with a focus on leg combinations and breaks. 

Jonathan is available for private forró classes. Email for more information. 

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