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Forró at your event

Forró is a great way of breaking the ice, bringing the joy of dance with a hint of Brazilian flavour to your event..


From parties to corporate meetings, if you are hosting an event with roughly an equal number of men and women, then forró is the perfect way of breaking the ice and creating that spark.


'To be honest I had never heard of forró before, but my friend recommend that I book Forró Family for my 50th birthday party and it was the best choice I made. People didn't want to stop dancing.' -Sarah Ludlow, London



Please get in touch for more info and a quote tailored to your event

Festivals are the perfect environment for forró workshops since festy vibes are all about meeting new people and having a good old dance!


We have recently run forró workshops at Beatherder, Buddhafields, Dance Camp Wales, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Conscious Sexuality Festivals, Colourfest and the One Taste festival.


Usually we start with a dynamic demonstration followed by an hours workshop and then time to put those new skills into action!  

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