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Festivals in Europe

The fun is not limited to London, oh no... Each year there are more and more festivals popping up all over Europe and we recommend you try at least one or two a year. Follow the links for more info on each and do let us know if we are missing any..we'll add them to the ever-growing list.. Sometimes we can offer discounts on tickets too!

Do you organise a forró festival? If you would like your festival to appear here or you want to make any changes to the existing information please use our online form. Thank you!

October 2023

5th - 8th Cologne, Germany I Festival Köln

6th - 8th Leipzig, Germany I Festival in Leipzig

12th - 16th Nice, France I Forró de Nice

20th - 21st Basel, Switzerland I 10 Anos Forró Basel

27th - 29th Hannover, Germany I Tonelada de Forró

November 2023

10th - 12th Wien, Vienna I Forró Roots Marathon in Vienna

10th - 12th München, Germany I Munique em Vinil

16th - 20th Aachen, Germany I Aachen - Forró Festival

17th - 19th Paris, France I Forró Marathon

24th - 26th Hamburg, Germany I Brazilian Fusion Festival

24th - 26th Frieburg, Germany I Forrozin Freiburg Festival

December 2023

8th - 10th Lison, Portugal I O Baião Vai

January 2024

Freiburg, Germany  I Forrózin Frieburg TBC

Moscow, Russia  | Forró Russia TBC

February 2024

March 2024

London, UK | London Forró Festival TBC

Prague, Czech Republic dates | Fica no coração TBC


April 2024

Basil, Switzerland I Forró Basel Festival TBC

Paris, France | Ai Que Bom TBC

Porto, Portugal I Forró Douro TBC

Dublin,  Ireland | Forró Dublin Festival TBC

May 2024

2nd - 6th Brighton, UK I Chamego Festival

Lille, France | Vamo que Vamo TBC

Toulouse, France | Forro de Printemps TBC

Stuttgart, Germany | Forró de Domingo TBC

Munich, Germany | Forró em mai TBC

Barcelona, Spain I Forró Fieira TBC

June 2024

Nantes, France I O Pequeno Festival Brasil No Pé TBC

Weggis, Switzerland I  5th Forró ao Pé da Serra TBC

Frankfurt, Germany I  Forró de Frankfurt Festival TBC

Najic, France I  Forró no Campo TBC

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