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5 Reasons to go to forró festivals

Weggis is a fantastic location for a forró festival

If you've been dancing forró for a while, you may start to get that feeling of wanting to explore the world of forró further afield than London. Well, there has never been more options to choose from as more and more festivals and events are popping up all over Europe.

Here are our top 5 reasons for getting on a plane, train or erm bike (or was that just me and Jeff?) 1) It's the perfect excuse to visit a town or city that you have never been to before - Although you will be dancing the night away for sure, this is a great way to visit Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Stuttgart, Aachen, Cologne, St Petersburg, Rome and the rest.... There is no way you've already seen them all right? 2) New friends - forrózeiros are a friendly bunch and if you put the effort in to actually speak to people, you will leave a festival with new fabulous friends

3) Flights are cheap cheap cheap - London is one of the cheapest cities to fly from and if you organise yourself well, you can be flying to some of Europe's best forró festivals for under £50! Check Skyscanner for the latest deals. 4) Discover new dance ideas - Being exposed to new dancers will inspire your own dance no end. We all tend to copy each others styles and moves, so taking ideas from others will keep your dance fresh. 5) Airbnb - Even in the smallest towns, there is a plentiful supply of people offering accommodation through Airbnb. Why not team up with a small group and land yourself a fabulous apartment for less than £25 a night?

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