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Gardening takes off

We were overwhelmed as forrózieros swaped their sapatilhas for gardening hoes this weekend, transforming weeds into meadows (almost), in an attempt to prepare our garden for the summer (party) season. A massive thank-you to everyone involved - What a force!

Starting as early as 2pm, we began the attack on anything without pretty leaves or flowers, and soon we had a fire burning, 6 pairs of gloves in action, and a steady intake of premium beers (Andy had at least got 3 boxes of the traditional alcoholic variety).

Needless to say, the garden was soon tidy and we celebrated with more beers, dancing until very late indeed and some rather interesting conversations around the bonfire. Did we really discuss that?!

If you feel you missed out, don't you worry, there'll be more gardening opportunities soon!

Before... During... (We were way too drunk for an "After" shot)

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