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Festival review: Dublin

Just over the Irish sea I popped, for a long weekend of Forró feasting in Dublin, starting, of course, with a full pint of the finest local brewed Guiness and a fantastic welcome from the crew as they prepared for the spectacular event, over the weekend.

It's my second festival in Dublin and I can only say it has gone from great to even greater, with a perfectly chosen selection of teachers and shows including London's one and only Forróbamba who played on Saturday night in the well know Temple Bar district in the centre of town.

Workshops were held daily in some cool studios near Dublin port, and were heaving with inspiration, techniques and lots of hugging practice for those unsure of how to embrace each other with ease and confidence.

I would have loved a little more free dancing space in the day, but then it may have destroyed my feet for later when I really needed them, so might have been for the best that the spare room was used for massage.

Parties kicked off at 9pm with top DJ's (including me, myself and I, my first ever festival slot - very exciting, if a little nerve racking) and the best from Sampa and Fabio Reis too and Dublin's Sabrina who seems to be a genius at pretty much anything.

Then there was wonderful live music from some of Europes well loved bands and local talents too.. But it didn't end there - or no, the after parties were a crack and a half, spilling into the moonlit streets to make a lot of noise until later than even I could deal with. (This would never be allowed in London).

Overall, the festival was utterly brilliant, full of great people, friendly smiles, wonderful dances, many good memories and the finest ales one can find. I'll be back next year for sure for more of the same, please!

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