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Cycle Social - A review

On Sunday 2nd April we held our first ever social bike ride with the idea of embracing the countryside, meeting new forrozeiros and feeling fitter, stronger, happier and alive!

After months of planning (well, OK, 30 mins with advice from my dad) we met at Harpenden train station at 11am. In case you don't know, Harpenden is only 4 stops from Kings Cross and you are already deep in the countryside with the feeling of having left London well behind.

Puncture repair before setting off

After successfully fixing a puncture on Julia's bike we set off on route. There were 6 of us, 2 guys and 4 girls. After getting a bit lost initially, the Garmin computer software I used to help us follow the route kicked into action and we were soon peddling through beautiful country lanes.

What was especially great was that we were able to cycle next to each other and have a nice chat as we cycled. Not something you can ever do on London's roads.

Anyway, it wasn't long before a pit stop was needed and fortunately for us men, a handy hedge proved to be an ideal screen. (below)

Pit stop for the boys

Soon after the country lanes, we turned onto a cycling track which was even nicer as there were no cars now, just being completely surrounded by nature and after an hours cycling (in which Julia's chain came off) we reached the John Bunyan pub for a hearty lunch

Julia having mechanical problems
A well deserved lunch

And so, with our stomachs fully, we embarked upon the final leg of our journey, another hours ride through more lovely scenery, a very rich country neighbourhood and just before we got back to Harpenden, another wonderful cycling track.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and with great company too. I am already looking forward to the next one!

A quick chat on route

This isn't cycling!!!!

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