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3 tips to help improve your dance

We all know that dancing is a great way of connecting with people without the need to use words. An amazing dance can take you into a dream like state of consciousness like nothing else (well almost nothing else). Here are a 3 dancing tips to help you improve your dance no matter who you are dancing with:

1. Take time to connect Use the first part of the dance to really connect with your partner. There is no rush. Start slowly and allow yourselves to get your bodies into sync, take small steps or even no steps at all and just sway with the music together. If you rush straight into turns and spins, it's very easy to misunderstand the style and mood of your partner.

2. Small movements Whilst there are no hard and fast rules in forró, we think that it's generally a good aim to keep your movements small. The closer you are together, the better the connection - even when you are executing spins and turns. Remember, forró originated as a simple close dance and when turns are carried out in close proximity, it's easy to come back together again into a close hold. 3. Enjoy the dance! Don't forget to enjoy every dance! It is so easy to worry about new moves, worry that somebody else is doing a different type of movement at the same time as you or worry that you don't know enough moves. Just enjoy it, smile, try new things and feel free!! Do you agree? Perhaps you have your own tips. Let us know what you think by emailing us at

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